Thursday, October 23, 2008

Places to eat in Malaysia

Just the other day i was bored but was also too lazy and tired to cook. I'm living in Bangi which is about 45minutes to 1 hour from KL that is if there's no traffic jams...a little bit about Bandar Baru Bangi, Bangi is apparently a Knowledge City (i didn't know that until just now when i google about bangi) but its no suprise coz we ARE surrounded by Colleges and Universities *Go Figure!* anyway we're actually a big town but only some part of it were 'growing' or developed...we don't have Jaya Jusco nor Isetan nor Parkson nor Carrefour nor Tesco its such a boring town *snoozzz* we only have a small supermarket Warta now known as Bintang which oddly always crowded with people (i suppose that'll waht happen when you have no choice).

But when it comes to food we're suppose to have lots of choice. There's many food stalls and restaurants but then the problem is that they were great at first or when they're 'just opened' then they just lost actual fact is that with all the choices we have only few that had actually made in my enuf blabbering now here come the list

Bandar Baru Bangi
  1. Yankees : Great grilled fish but service are SLOW, located opposite kajang tol SHELL there's huge neon light sign 'YANKEES'
  2. Secret Recipe: For some cake indulgence and more 'classy' food, located opposite PKNS
  3. Restaurant Ayam Kampung dan Gulai Kawah : Great FOOD kampung style, located beside Warta.

  1. Precint 9 food court : all food overe there are not too bad comparing else where in Puterajaya, the foods are consistant, tasty but not that cheap.
  2. Sushi King @ Alamanda : just for a change for sushi and an afordable japanese food
  3. Johnny's @ Alamanda: Great Steamboat
  4. Alamanda Food Court: not always consistant but my favarouit would be the chicken rice stall, Yong Taufoo stall and the noodle stall
Kuala Lumpur
  1. Susy's Corner: Great Steak with rather large portion but cheap its a Victoria Station teh cheaper version, located in Ampang.
  2. Yoshinoya: this is my son and i fave japanese fast food, they're available in Mid Valley,KLCC,One Utama...just to name a few
  3. Tupai Tupai: great food but i'm not sure where its located but if you ever heard of it just go and try.
  4. Plaza Hartamas: Foods are great but EXPENSIVE! no i dun wanna spend RM10 for a drink!
  1. Up Town, Damansara Utama: this is one of my fave lepak place, foods are good and not so expensive...
  2. The Carnival : all you can eat steak and grill buffet...yummy!

there's more but i'll just have to update it stay tuned!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some Great Books to share

lately i'm in a craze of buying cook books and i found some great books with great recipes...(you know how some books doesn't really give the correct that no matter how many times you tried the recipe you end up having the same result -blurgh-unsuccessful ?) news flash...sometimes they hide the 'vital' ingredients that makes the dish great and edible...;)

but these books..(i've tried some of the recipes) is great...great out come, great taste...and i thought i've to share what i've been reading...

so here it is:
this book is great coz it have all sorts of brownies recipes including you'll have varities of browines to try. The only down side of this book is that its like a text book only with no PICTURES so its abit boring to explore the book..honestly i prefer books with lots of pictures ;)

sneak peek of the inside of the book

this has literally became my text book! it actually have 2 editions the beginners and advance both book are great! they teach you step by step of how to make cakes, glaze,fondant and decoration technics and the rest is your imagination!

this book is not as great as i hoped it to be...tried some of its recipe but most often then not it didn't turned out as good...probably its because she didn't really explain about the technics used in the cooking process...coz i think the recipe is correct (at least i think so) know how malay kuih are, they're complicated...sigh~ hope that she'll explain more on the cooking technics!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chocolate Modeling pt2

Now that the chocolate clay is 'set' for modeling, we can start on the flower design...
before that you'd need your rolling pin, leaf design cutter, plastic wrap,tooth picks, polystyrene foam.

  1. Take an inch or smaller cube of a chocolate clay and knead it with your hands until its pliable. Form it into a cone that will become the core of a flower. (see above)
  2. Place the cone on a tooth pick and insert it on the foam. Repeat 11 times and allow it to harden. this may take about an hour.
3. When the cone is hardened, make the petals. For each petal, take a piece of the chocolate clay about 1/2" size and make a flat disk (like below) about the diameter of a nickel (or larger if you're making large flowers) and about 1/4" thick. Place disk between layers of plastic wrap.

4. On a flat surface, or with the disk slightly cupped in the palm of 1 hand, press with the fingers of the other hand on top of the plastic to thin one side of the disk, shaping the delicate top of the petal. leave the other side a little thicker, where you'll join the at the base of the core.

5. Remove the core on its tooth pick from the foam. Press the thicker side of the petal to the core near the bottom to attach it.

6. continue to make petals, increasing gradually in size and layer them, moving upward on the core, until you've reach the size of the flower you desire. 3 petals are sufficient to create a bud; 5-7 to make a full rose.

7. Gently shape the petals by pressing their edges with the cel stickor cuticle stick.

8. Place the rose on its toothpick,back onto the foam.
  1. As for the leaves, take 1" of the chocolate clay, warm it with your hands then roll it into a circle 1/8 thick.
  2. Use a leaf-shaped cutter to cut out the leaf shape. use a toothpick to decorate the veins. (as above picture)

The finished product decorated on the Black Forest Cake... nice huh?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Chocolate Modeling pt1

Hi welcome to sugarcraft... for my first entry I wanna do chocolate modeling yes you read it right..
well my mom's birthday is coming up so i though of making her a birthday cake. And since the other day she told us that she feels like eating black forest cake so that's what i'm gonna do only that for the decorations i'm thinking of making chocolate roses and thats where the chocolate modeling comes in....

Today I've made the Chocolate modeling clay:
You need...

450g good quality semi sweet chocolate
1/2c light corn syrup
clear plastic wrap

  1. melt chocolate in a double boiler
  2. remove the bowl when chocolate has melted and add the corn syrup
  3. stir, as the chocolate cools, it'll form into a ball, similar to children modeling clay.
  4. knead the ball until chocolate is smooth
  5. wrap in thightly in a plastic wrap.
  6. let it rest over night before using
it should be somewhat like this - wrapped