Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some Great Books to share

lately i'm in a craze of buying cook books and i found some great books with great recipes...(you know how some books doesn't really give the correct that no matter how many times you tried the recipe you end up having the same result -blurgh-unsuccessful ?) news flash...sometimes they hide the 'vital' ingredients that makes the dish great and edible...;)

but these books..(i've tried some of the recipes) is great...great out come, great taste...and i thought i've to share what i've been reading...

so here it is:
this book is great coz it have all sorts of brownies recipes including you'll have varities of browines to try. The only down side of this book is that its like a text book only with no PICTURES so its abit boring to explore the book..honestly i prefer books with lots of pictures ;)

sneak peek of the inside of the book

this has literally became my text book! it actually have 2 editions the beginners and advance both book are great! they teach you step by step of how to make cakes, glaze,fondant and decoration technics and the rest is your imagination!

this book is not as great as i hoped it to be...tried some of its recipe but most often then not it didn't turned out as good...probably its because she didn't really explain about the technics used in the cooking process...coz i think the recipe is correct (at least i think so) know how malay kuih are, they're complicated...sigh~ hope that she'll explain more on the cooking technics!

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