Saturday, July 25, 2009

Up date on Places to eat in Malaysia

Bandar Baru Bangi
  1. Yankees : Great grilled fish but service are SLOW, located opposite kajang tol SHELL there's huge neon light sign 'YANKEES'
  2. Secret Recipe: For some cake indulgence and more 'classy' food, located opposite PKNS
  3. Restaurant Ayam Kampung dan Gulai Kawah : Great FOOD kampung style, located beside Warta.
  4. Soho Thai restaurant you'll see this restaurant once you entered bangi thru Kajang tol its just by the road side beside Rimba Klasik restaurant. they also have another outlet in Sungai Merab. Rimba Klasik is also serving good food and they have nice ambiance too.
  5. Old Town Kopitiam: wah this one actually my family's fave hanging case you're wondering its a malaysian style coffee house
  6. Old Timer Kopitiam: located nearby old town kopitiam different food selection from old town and their mee and soups are quite tasty.
  7. Bangi Kopitiam is also a place to hang out...i don't like the food as its not to my taste bud standards but its still a place to hang out and indulge in snacks plus its the poineer of kopitiam in bangi and it has some how become a land mark here.

  1. Precint 9 food court : all food overe there are not too bad comparing else where in Puterajaya, the foods are consistant, tasty but not that cheap.
  2. Sushi King @ Alamanda : just for a change for sushi and an afordable japanese food
  3. Johnny's @ Alamanda: Great Steamboat
  4. Alamanda Food Court: not always consistent but my fave would be the chicken rice stall, Yong Taufoo stall and the noodle stall
Kuala Lumpur
  1. Susy's Corner: Great Steak with rather large portion but cheap its a Victoria Station teh cheaper version, located in Ampang.
  2. Yoshinoya: this is my son and i fave japanese fast food, they're available in Mid Valley,KLCC,One Utama...just to name a few
  3. Tupai Tupai: great food but i'm not sure where its located but if you ever heard of it just go and try.
  4. Plaza Hartamas: Foods are great but EXPENSIVE! no i dun wanna spend RM10 for a drink!
  5. Desa Pandan: Rendezvous restaurant located just by the roadside they serves affordable steaks and grill menu literally copy and paste from VICTORIA's STATION (well at least i think so) non the less its affordable...
  6. Jalan Ampang near Sucasa Condo i can't remember its name but its just beside sucasa there's a lovely persian restaurant that serves great persian food. well at least our family approves of it ;)
  1. Up Town, Damansara Utama: this is one of my fave lepak place, foods are good and not so expensive...
  2. The Carnival : all you can eat steak and grill buffet...yummy!
  3. Mutiara Damansara: Mama DeeDee's serves GREAT Sumatera's and Padang food


silly leeliy said...

ade contact num tak utk restaurant2 yang u update neh?

saga said...

if u go to precint 9 putrajaya..jgn pegi ke Dapur Mas pulak..kalo food court precint 9 tu ok la..

i dah banned Dapur Mas.. Mahal sgt2..x reasonable...kedai makan biase je pun..
harga dia mmg buat sape2 dtg beli rase mcm nk marah!! iskk...n they all seems like suke2 je letak harga makanan diorg..
ari ni tea ais 1.80 esok 1.70 lusa 1.50 tulat 1.60..mgu dpn..1.80 balik..hahhaa...lain cashier lain harga...damn....
leher ayam rm2??? damnnnn...